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Water well drill pipe

Water well drill pipe

we manufacture all type of drilling pipes. the OD of pipe body from 3 1/2” to 5".





we manufacture all type of drilling pipes. the OD of pipe body from 3 1/2” to 5".

The 3 1/2”  drill pipe parameter as following:

1. OD: 3 1/2”(89mm)
2. Steel grade: G105
3.Thickness:  9.35 mm or 11.4 mm( 13.5 LB/FT or 15.5 LB/FT )
4. Length: RI, RII, RIII (2~12.5 meters)
5. Thread type: NC38 
6.Thread treatment:  Phosphorization, copper plating
7. Plastic coating: TC2000, TK34,TK34P
8. Hardbending:  Boton, Arnco, TCS Ti, ARMACOR-M, Hughes Super smooth x,Duraband

OD of pipe body(mm) Φ50 Φ60 Φ73 Φ89 Φ102 Φ114 Φ127
OD of joint(mm) Φ65 Φ75 Φ105 Φ127 Φ133.4 Φ158.8 Φ168
Wall thickness of pipe(mm) 6.5 7.1 9.19 9.5/10 8.38 8.56 9.19
Length of drill rod(mm) 1000~4500 1000~4500 1500~9500 1500~9500 3000~9500 1500~9500 5000-9500

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